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Rosslare’s Veritrax™, is a networked access control platform, consisting of hardware, PC Software, Keypads & Readers, personal ID card technology.

Veritrax™ includes powerful system software for the PC that functions on an enterprise scale. PC system management software (AS-215) which operates with Client/ Server architecture, allowing access to the system from multiple terminals within a local network.

Veritrax™ supports multiple networks of door controllers (AS-215), which are connected in either 24-Hours ON-Line, or Periodic Connected OFF-Line to a networked PC. (See Figure 1.)

Veritrax™ allows the flexibility of connecting multiple door networks across several communications platforms; RS- 485, Ethernet TCP/IP LAN, PSTN Modem.


The AS-215 is a self contained Client/Server application that is ideal and economical solution for managing the VeritraxTM access control system. AS-215 was developed using the latest 32-Bit software architecture, with a variety of drivers for communications including TCP/IP, RS-232, and MODEM. By selecting any Microsoft OS (Operating System) PC on a LAN (Local Area Network) to be the “SERVER”, and connecting it to RS232 Local Network, Modem and LAN, that PC will function as the control and administration center for the system. By installing the AS-215 as a “CLIENT” to other Microsoft OS PC on the LAN, the enterprise users, and administrators can use remote terminals to configure, and control the system on a real time basis..

When you need a diverse installation, VeritraxTM, lets you plan and install in style. Each AS-215 network supports both MODEM, TCP-IP and RS-232 connections on the “SERVER” PC, which can accommodate communications with multiple Subnet of access controllers. This allows you to connect to local and remote subnets, to configure, up-download data and receive Alarm Events. The AS-215 offers a powerful set of features, including intelligent addressing and configuration of all the parameters. Once a link is programmed, locally or remote the system automatically remembers the connection.


Modern Development Platform: Made with the promising 32-Bit,
Interconnected Microsoft Dot. Net,
Integrated Developers Suite.
Microsoft Windows Compatible: YES, developed for PCs with Windows
XP, and compatible with Windows 98/
Me and NT/2000 operating systems.
Software Security Protection: Hardware Lock, USB Hasp Key
(Necessary for systems with over 8
ACU control panels)
Integrated demo version: YES
Multiple language support: Comes with several integral
languages, and ability to add more.
Advanced alarm handler: Requires active user confirmation of
On-Line System Operation: See and Administer Real Time
Action, with Sub-Networks.
Off-Line System Operation: Operator may browse, modify, issue
reports while off line, which will be
updated to the Door Subnet
upon connection.
Standard User Capacity: 5,000 Registered Users With Rights
+ 20,000 Registered No Rights Users.
Maximum # of Doors Per Network: 510 Doors (255 Panels)
Maximum # of Network: Total # of networks: 8
Supported Readers: Up to 64 Readers per System.
Individual Rights By Access Point: YES, all users access all readers.
All Users All Access Points: YES
Individual Time Zones: YES, Reports, Modem Connect, etc.
Access Groups: Up to 128
Access Time Zones: Up to 64
Reader In and Out Register: YES
Supports Multiple Reader Modes: YES, 4-Modes Supported; PIN Only,
Card or PIN, Card+PIN, and Card
Site Code Access Support: YES
# Of PC Software System Operators: Unlimited
System Operator Privilleges: 3-Levels
System Operator Log-On: Individual user name and password
On the fly Log-Off and Log-On: YES, users log-out / in without quitting.
Enrolment Mode Reader Support: YES, any reader can be used to enroll.
Automatic National Holidays Entry: YES, supports Database of
Intl. Holidays, which can be added
automatically to the Holiday List and
PC Software System Alarms: YES, supports Panel Tamper, Ajar
Warning, Reader Tamper, Door
Forced, Anti-Passback, and General
Input alarms.
Local Audiable Alarm: Alarms may activate a siren sound
in built in local sounder
Output Activation: YES, 4-Outputs, 3-Options; Timer,
Toggle, Follow Input. Suitable for
Doors, Turnstyles Barriers, Gates,
Automatic Blinds, HV-AC Control,
Lighting Control, Equipment or Host
Alarm Panel Control… etc.
Output Schedule Activation: YES, according to any Time Zone
Advanced event log book: YES, Panels, access, alarms,
system events, with multiple
sorting options, and events
highlight by type and priorities.
Automatic panels detection: YES, automatically finds
connected ACU controllers
on a subnet.
Manual doors activation: YES, the PC can control
connected doors.
Manual time setting: YES
Manual outputs activation: YES
Bypassing reader mode manually: YES
Updating panel firmware from PC: YES
Hard and Soft Anti passback: YES
Anti passback zones: Up to 128
Advanced cards and users handing: YES
Limited cards usage: YES
Database Format (DB): Microsoft Access 97
Embedded PDF files of the Manuals: YES
Database Backup Now: YES
Database Import & Export: YES, multiple backup options;
DB Export Config. Only.
DB Export Config. & Even.
DB Import Config. Only.
DB Import Config & Event.
Database Retention Period: YES, timed
Clear Current Database: YES, Manual
Database File Password Protection: YES, Undisclosed Password
Database File Auto Naming: YES
Database Auto Backup: YES
Data Available to other Programs YES
TCP/IP Connected Sub Net of ACU's: YES
Remote TCP/IP Module Configuration: YES, integrated in software
Time and Attendance Reporting
User Access Reporting
All Alarms Reporting
Custom Reports Generation and Recreation
Multiple Site Processing Reports Format:
Multiple reports style options
Export data in: Excel, text and ASCII formats
Transmitting transactions via serial port
Custom User Fields Definition: YES
Reports Title LOGO and Header Def.: YES
Instant Reports: YES, screen reports of events.
Printed Reports: YES, from entire event History.


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