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The Northern NStarô NS2 is a totally new access control system designed to provide a cost effective solution for entry level applications plus the ability to seamlessly expand and adapt to future growth needs. The NStar system is composed of the new NS2 control panel and NStar access control software. With the NStar NS2 you can start small and easily expand and upgrade your access control system as your needs change.

The NStar NS2 controller is ideal for the needs of a small system application. It offers simplicity to satisfy basic application needs combined with state-of-theart technology, processing power and speed not usually found in an entry-level product. NStarís totally new architecture includes unprecedented scalability allowing for easy system expansions or future technology updates via a unique Xport expansion port. Whether you need to add doors or system functions, the NS2 gives you a clear path to future growth.

NStar software is a comprehensive access control application designed for use with the NS2 controller. NStar provides fast installation and setup with quick start configuration wizards and simple operation via user-defined control and viewing of system status and an event viewer for real-time observation of system activities. If you want to go beyond the basics, an option package that includes video badging, real-time alarm pop ups, digital video integration and netwrking is available to meet future needs.

No matter how small you start or how large you grow, NStar offers seamless integration of existing systems and future technology to provide you with a superbly compatible access control solution.

• Complete 2-Door Access Control System
• Easy-to-Order Starter and Expansion Kits
• Competitively Priced
• Quick Start Wizards
• 2 Access Points, expandable to 128 (max. via TCP/IP)
• 2,000 users, expandable to 10,000
• 10,000 events, expandable to 100,000
• 8 supervised input points
• 4 relays, SPDT 12A @ 28VDC
• 32-bit processor
• Communications: RS-232 standard or RS-485 optional
• Optional TCP/IP interface
• Real-time clock
• XPort expansion port
• Removable terminal blocks
• NStar access control software
• Windows 2000 Professional and XP Professional
• Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)


• Quick Start
Configuration Wizard
saves time in setup
and programming
• Supports TCP/IP
connection with
optional NSLAN1 to
make use of existing
network infrastructure
• 40 user-defined
cardholder note fields
provide more
information for
system operators
• Database & hard
drive limit and
capacity prompts
notify user when
maintenance is
• Scheduler backup
utility automatically
maintains a recent
NStar database.
• Easy viewing of
device status by
color, shape and popup
text that are
arranged on a tree
• Standard viewer
allows seeing the
system activities
color-coded in real


• Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)

Access Control:

• Maximum 10,000 cardholder capacity Host Grant
• 32 holidays with multiple holiday types
• Supports up to 128 readers VIA tcp/ip 124 VIA RS-232
• Anti-passback, hard or soft, defined by reader

Operational Functionality:

• System tree for monitoring and control
• Event viewer
• Scheduling for dial-up locations
• Card locate
• Batch card add and card delete
• Card activation/deactivation by day/month/year
• Assign multiple cards to a cardholder
• 40 definable cardholder note fields & note field
• Monitoring of database file size and hard disk space
• Database backup scheduler
• Play .wav audio files based on events


History Reports:
• Time and date and from archived history
• Reader(s)
• Cardholder
• Descriptive cardholder field
• Transaction type
• Alarm point state
Operator Actions:
• Time and date
• Operator
• Actions performed by operator
• Device(s) operated
Database Reports:
• Cardholders
• Access levels
• Time zones
• Schedules


• Up to 64 IP connections (using optional networking
• Two serial ports
• Context senstive help via F1 key provides help on any
selected function

Recommended Minimum Computer Configuration

• Pentium II-400Mhz CPU
• 256 megabytes of RAM
• 2.1 gigabyte hard disk
• 2 serial communication ports
• Tape backup drive
• 1 parallel port (badging to be done on workstation)
• 15" SVGA color monitor (1024 x 768, 256 color)
• Supported operating systems:
- Microsoft® Windows XP Professional
- Windows 2000 Professional



• Powerful 32-bit processor provides uninterrupted card activity and fast downloads of users and events • XPort expansion port
provides flexibility for
future growth
• Flash memory allows convenient upgrades & technology updates • Real-time clock ensures accuracy of system times and schedules
• Flexible mounting - fits in existing wallmount enclosure or in a optional 19" rack • Cost-effective
access control

Easy to Install:

• Removable terminal blocks allow fast connections and
simplified wiring
• RJ45 serial connection from the panel to the PC allows
for quick installation
• No jumpers or reset switches make installation error free

Expandable & Upgradable:

• XPort expansion port allows for future expansion with
devices including memory expansion
• FLASH memory means never having to replace a
firmware chip to take advantage of system upgrades or
new features


• 2 access points, expandable to 128 allows you to grow
with NStar NS2
• 2,000 users, expandable to 10,000
• 10,000 events, expandable to 100,000

Powerful 32-bit Processor:

• 32-bit processor provides power for fast downloads of
events and users and uninterrupted card activity
• Ample processing power to support future system

Optional Ethernet Connection:

• Co-Box connector provides Ethernet to Serial interface
using existing Ethernet devices

SuperCap Battery:

• Maintenance-free backup of panel programming and
data storage – never have to replace battery
• SuperCap Battery will provide memory backup for
1 week without any system power

Real-time Clock:

• The real-time clock gives you complete system time
• Automatic day-light savings time and leap year

Flexible Mounting:

• Tile or rack mountable in standard 19" high-density
enclosure. Up to 8 NS2 panels in a single 19" rack.

Backwards Compatible:

• Use with existing WIN-PAK 1.x and WIN-PAK 2.x


Board: 5.5" Wide x 9" Length x 1" Height
Enclosure: 12.5" Wide x 14.5" Height x 3.5" Deep


Temperature: 35-110° F operational
Humidity: 0 – 85% RHNC

NStar Configuration

Software Options

NStar Software Option Package

NStar offers an upgrade Option Package for
users with greater needs. This package
offers the ability to add Photo-ID Badging,
Alarm/Event Monitoring, Digital Video
Integration and the ability to network multiple
PC’s together. The option package can be
activated immediately upon registration of

Photo-ID Badging

NStar’s badging option enables you to create
your own custom Photo-ID’s. With the easy
to use interface you can add pictures,
company logos, colorful text and
background. Once the badging option is
enabled you will have the ability of using the
Auto Card Pop-Up feature. This will allow
you to verify a card holder by their picture
stored in the database.

Alarm View / System Events

The Alarm View allows you to monitor your
entire system in real-time. With the Alarm
View alarms and events will “pop-up” on the
screen so you can see events and alarms
as they happen. Alarm View allows you to
respond quickly to emergencies or threats to your employees or building.

Digital Video Integration

Save time reviewing video tapes by using
NStar’s integrated digital video system that
allows you to retrieve stored video from an
ADEMCO Video Rapid Eye Digital Video
Recorder (DVR). Control live cameras while
monitoring others from the digital video pop
up window. Complete PTZ control including 8
presets and up to 16 cameras can be viewed
in one pop-up window.

Optional Upgrades

The following optional features are
available with the NSOPT1 software
• Networking – up to five concurrent
• Prioritized alarms – 1 to 99 priorities
• Alarm messages and operator notes
• Integrated digital video (Rapid Eye)
with PTZ control
• Alarm and video pop up
• System events viewer
• Photo ID badging
• Magnetic stripe encoding
• Duplex printing – two sided badge


Order #


Starter Kits  
NSSK Access Control Starter Kit
NSSKR Access Control Starter Kit (Includes 2 Readers)
Expansion Kits  
NSEK 2-Door Expansion Kit
NSEKR 2-Door Expansion Kit (Includes 2 Readers)
System Components  
NSTAR NStar Access Control Software
NSOPT1 NStar Software Option Package
NS2 Two Door Control Panel Only
NS2MEM NS2 Memory Upgrade
Hardwired Communication Devices for the NS2
CBL50 50' RS-232 Serial Communications Cable
N-485-PCI-2 RS-232/RS-485 Communication Interface
Network Communcation Devices for the NS2
NSLAN1 Optional Plug-in Ethernet Interface
LANSRL100 RS232 to LAN Converter
N485PCI2L RS485 LAN Interface
Add-On Reader Options
OMNI-10 OmniTek Small Proximity Reader
OMNI-30 OmniTek Mullion Proximity Reader
OMNI-40 OmniTek Wall Mount Proximity Reader
OMNI-90 OmniTek Vandal Resistant Reader
PR-PROXPRO-K HID Combination Proximity Reader and Keypad
NS2ACC NS2 Accessory Pack
S-4 Surge Suppressor
X-4 16.5V DC Transformer
N-485-HUB-2 Dial-Up RS-485 Communication Interface
M-56K Modem for Remote Communications
ENC10 Single Panel Enclosure
ENC20 Dual Panel Enclosure
ENC30 19" Rack Mount Enclosure
ENC30PWR Power Harness for ENC30
BAT-3 12V Battery Backup
NC1861-BL-500 500' Reader Cable 18awg/6cond. Shield
NC2221-BR 1000' Input/Relay Cable 22awg/2cond. Shield
NC2021-GY-A 1000' RS485 Communication Cable
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